Anywhere Access avec Windows Server 2012 Essentials et un domaine à soi

C’est possible! Mais très compliqué pour le certificat! En effet, il refuse de générer un certificat autosigné lui-même, il faut le faire à la main…

Si dessous le guide que j’ai trouvé, pas traduit, désolé.

One of the nice features of Windows 2012 Essentials is the Anywhere Access functionality. To get this savely working you will need a certificate, but the installation wizzard will offer you to buy one with a trusted authority or move your domain to a trusted partner. Since I don’t want either choices, I created my own certificate.

Create Management Console

First you need to open up a MMC and add the “Certificates” snap-in. Choose “Computer Account” > “Local” > Finish. Next add the snap-in “Certificate Authority” and once again choose “Computer Account” > “Local” > Finish.

Create Certificate Request

Follow the next steps in the created MMC:

Certificates > Personal > Certificates > Right Mouse button – All Tasks – Advanced Operations – Create Custom Request > Next > Next >

Select “Windows Server Solution Certificate Template” > Next >

Open Details and select “Properties” > Subject name – Type: “Common name” – Value: FQDN of server ( – Add > Alternative name – Type: “DNS” – Value: DNS name of server – Add >

Open “Private Key” tab > Open “Key Options” > Enable “Make private key exportable” > Ok > Next > Choose a location for certificate request (type also .req behind filename because it’s not automatically added) > Save > Finish

Submit Certificate Request

Follow the next steps in the created MMC:

Certification Authority > Choose CA > Right Mouse button – All Tasks – Submit new request > Open Certificate request and save new Certificate.

Import Certificate

Now we need to import the certificate:

Certificates > Personal > Certificates > Right Mouse button – All Tasks – Import > Choose the new certificate > Next > Next > Finish.

You see the message “The Import was succesful.”

Export Certificate to PFX to use with the Anywhere Access wizard

Select imported certificate > Right Mouse button – All Tasks – Export > Next >

Enable “Yes, export the private key” > Next > Empty “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible” and Enable “Export all extended properties” > Next >

Enable Password and add password and confirm > Next > Save PFX file > Next > Finish

Delete the imported certificate from the personal certificates store: Certificates > Personal > Certificates > Right Mouse button – Delete – Yes.

You have now created a certificate to complete the Setup Anywhere Access wizard.


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